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Wingtips News and Photos

CITGO, CAP partner to celebrate Congressional Gold Medal

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. – CITGO Petroleum Corp. has partnered with Civil Air Patrol to honor CAP members for their service during World War II.

As a premier sponsor of CAP’s Congressional Gold Medal presentation, CITGO is sponsoring the purchase of replica Congressional Gold Medals to be awarded to CAP World War II veterans who will travel to Washington, D.C., for the medal presentation, as well as the celebratory reception/dinner. Those who are unable to travel to Washington will be presented a replica medal by CAP in their hometowns.

The CAP Congressional Gold Medal bill – Senate 309 – was signed into law on May 30 by President Barack Obama; the medal is expected to be presented to CAP sometime between December and April.

Congress awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to CAP in recognition of its founding members’ role in warding off deadly German U-boat attacks on vital merchant shipping off the East and Gulf coasts – especially oil tankers – during World War II. Prior to CAP’s coastal patrols, CITGO, then known as Cities Service Co., lost five tankers to enemy attack, with a cost of 73 lives and 260,003 barrels of various types of oil.


Squadron 205 Hosts Veteran's Panel

By C/Major Meghan Parsons

SEDONA, Arizona - On 7 October, 2014 Squadron 205 located in Sedona, Arizona hosted a Veteran's Panel with representatives from all four major branches of the armed forces. They answered questions for prospective service members and spoke about how they have used the core values in and out of the service.

The Veterans Panel included Dean Hambrick, USAF ret., Ron Luce, USN ret., Eduard Uzumeckis USMC ret and a member of the Military Order of World Wars, and Rafael Rosas, U.S. Army, ret.

205 Veteran Panel ResizedThere were cadets from Flagstaff, Sedona and Glendale who participated in the panel. 1st Sergeant Milton from Squadron 205 was the first to ask a question, wondering if the panel of enlisted had considered becoming officers, and if given the chance, would have switched tracks.

Mr. Hambrick originally joined with the intention of becoming an F-16 pilot, but found that he didn't enjoy the training and decided to apply his skills as a mechanic. He is thankful for this choice, as he still works on engines today. "Everything is easier after working on an F-16" Mr. Rosas said that he probably would become an officer if given another chance. "When you're an officer, soldiers depend on you. It's a tough job, but it's worth it." he explained.

Mr. Uzumeckis had a slightly different perspective. "I enlisted to avoid being drafted so I would have a say in what I would do, and where I would go in the Service." he said. "I considered OTS, but decided against it when it came time to reenlist." He explained that "our experiences are different depending if you're in a warzone or on home soil. As enlisted, we experience a complete transformation from civilian to service member. All you cadets are very lucky to have a head start in CAP."

Another cadet asked how the transition from service member to civilian affected their outlook on the core values. "If you have the core values, you don't change them when you get out. You have to learn to tolerate others values." Mr. Luce explained. Mr. Uzumeckis clarified, "you have to tolerate and accept those who don't live up to your core values. When you get out of the service, you develop another core value; compassion for the ones who were never there."

"When you're in the service, you become a part of a very exclusive fraternity. You all have a shared experience." Mr. Uzumeckis explained. "You learn to count on the person next to you no matter what." "You're part of a team," Mr. Luce added. "and you learn to act as a team very quickly." He also explained that veterans from all branches deserve recognition for all that they've done. "I even walk up to service members to thank them." he commented. "It means a lot to all of us."


National Commander's Update available on


  Please note that Civil Air Patrol National Commander Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez has launched his first monthly update for CAP members. “National Commander’s Update” can be accessed by going to and clicking on those three words in the menu bar in the lower left-hand corner of the homepage. Or you can simply go to  

   NHQ Public Affairs encourages you to take time to share this information and link with other public affairs officers in your groups and squadrons.


Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Information


There is a TLC course scheduled for October 18-19  in Sedona.  Those who wish to attend this course please submitt your CAPF011 to Maj Shaun X, Adams at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  as soon as possible.  Shaun has listed the accommodations in Sedona and he has planned an interesting course.


Meals:  Verde Valley Composite Squadron 205 can provide lunch, snacks, & acontinental breakfast service for Sunday for an additional $30 per person.

There is also a patio with BBQ grills & a full kitchen. You may bring your own meals, go locally to get fast food, or use the squadron provided meal plan. For local meals please contact Capt. Jean-Marie Nixon at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Accommodations: Sedona Shadows has a swimming pool & hot tub for participants to enjoy after a day of classes.


Sedona Super 8: Offers a 10% discount off the $139 rate which will be $125 plus tax. Call the hotel direct (928)-282-1533 and make reservation; mention that you are part of the CAP group and you will receive the discount and secure the room at that time with their own credit card. The hotel will extend the discount to the group up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, after which they will no longer be entitled to the discount, so participants just make sure they reserve before September 18th.

Sedona Days Inn: The discounted rate would be $86.99 plus tax. Call (928)282-9166 and ask for the 'CAP Block' and they will be given the rate quoted and secure the room at that time with their own credit card. The hotel will extend the discount to the group up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, after which they will no longer be entitled to the discount, so participants

must make sure they reserve before September 18th.

Guest rooms available at 4 of the homes of the senior members of Verde Valley Composite Squadron 205: contact Maj. Victor La Sala at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to coordinate on a first come first serve basis.

Thank You

Capt Neil J Miller



AE Symposium at the AZ Wing Conference in Flagstaff a Huge Success.

By Lt. Col. Pete Feltz

AZ WG Conf. 2014 Peted AEO of yearThis year’s Arizona Wing Conference was in Flagstaff on June 27-28 at the Little America Resort.  Because AZ WG Conf. 2014 Dave Tucek RC presentationof the hot temperatures in the Phoenix Area and the mid 80s high in Flagstaff we had a larger turn out than expected.  Everybody really enjoyed the cooler temperatures.  As usual we had a number of really good break out sessions including the AE Symposium.  We had the largest attendance compared to the last couple years at well over 45 SM and some cadets.  This year we had two outstanding presenters.  Rich Laherty, our rocketry expert and Brian Tucek our highly experienced RC presenter.  They developed excellent Power Point presentations.  Our current plans are to develop a Rocketry Contest this next fiscal year including some advanced rocketry operations.  This will be headed up by Rich Laherty.  We also plan to expand the RC Program throughout the AZ Wing under the direction of Briam Tucek.  This all sounds exciting and we are looking forward to these  programs.

AZ Wing Conf 2014 TOY Amy BartlettOur Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Amy Bartlett was presented her award by Col Brian Ready and Col Frank AZ WG Conf 2014 Advance Rocketry Rick LahertyBuethe.  They also presented the Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award to LtCol A. Peter Feltz. 


AFA honors CAP with Lifetime Achievement Award for 70-plus years of contributing to national defense

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. – The Air Force Association has honored Civil Air Patrol with its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of its more than 70 years of helping secure the American homeland, especially its service during World War II.

Brig Gen. Larry Myrick, CAP national vice commander, accepted the award during the association’s Air & Space Conference in National Harbor, Md.

·         During the presentation ceremony CAP was recognized: “For selflessly protecting our shorelines and borders with personal aircraft …

·         “For encouraging women and more than 80,000 young Americans with an opportunity to serve during World War II …

·         “And flying more than 750,000 mission hours by the war’s end.”

That legacy of heroism and sacrifice has also been recognized by Congress, which is awarding CAP the Congressional Gold Medal honoring the organization for its wartime service. President Barack Obama signed the medal into law May 30, and it will soon be presented in Washington, D.C., with a possible date of Dec. 10 for the ceremony. Additional information on the Congressional Gold Medal and CAP’s World War II service can be found at


New AE POA Requirements – End of Year 2014


In the past, Unit and Group Aerospace Education Plans of Action (POA) have, perhaps mistakenly, been held at a lower priority than annual Unit AE Activity Reports.  With the release of CAPR280-2,  dated 3 June 2014, it is now required that squadron and group level units write and submit POAs beginning with late 2014 with an attached roster showing their AEO staff positions (Acting AEO, AEO, Asst. AEOs, etc.) by name and CAPID.  This NHQ decision was made to provide higher level AE staffs with better visibility into the AE goals and yearly plans for lower level units, to measure units’ AE effectiveness from the previous year, and to keep AE staff rosters current.  Squadron AEPOAs are due at Group by 15 Oct.  Group AEPOAs are due at Wing by 15 Nov.

NOTE:  Writing such plans is also a requirement for achieving the Track 215 Senior Rating.

In the process of constructing a POA for a new year, the unit staff is provided the opportunity to look at the ending year’s unit AE achievements and focuses, and decide if deficiencies exist and/or if changes in emphasis are necessary.  With the construction of the new year’s POA, the unit staff can then provide the year-to-year AE mission continuity while establishing effective measurements in key areas.  The new POA can then be a guideline for the new year’s AE efforts and serves as a declaration of the unit’s intentions to higher level AE staffs. 

CAPP 15, Pages 24 & 25 provide an example format of a Squadron AE Plan of Action.

Below, are listed some suggested measurement and goal-setting areas that unit staffs might consider: 

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